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"let's get to work"

Past Rock4Autism Awareness Events

 - Rock for Autism 1 - July 22, 2017 - Paddlewheeler Pub

Tammy and the staff at the old wheeler in New West enjoyed Luc's entertaining style so much, they held a fundraiser event!! All day and into the evening the place was packed inside and out, thanks to the networking and marketing done by so many. We raised about $2000 through donations, beer sales and sales of Luc's CDs, and donated it to Autism BC's Workplace Training. 

Thanks Steve, Richard Dirk and others who made this such a special event, and helped inspire Luc to share his amazing talent with the communities around him.

RforA1 sign.jpg

Billboard at the 'Wheeler

Luc singing it out.jpeg

Luc singing it out!

Dirk, Richard, and Luc 2017.JPG

Dirk, Luc, Richard and Devin drumming


Tammy you rock girl!

Ordinary Day



Lay Down Sally Rock Squad at walk for Autism 2018

Live on the Moon, Pepper Anne at Walk for Autism 2018

 - Rock for Autism 2 - Father's Day 2018 - Rocky Point Park

Well known drum guru Steve Lindsay, who drummed and helped out all day at Rock for Autism 1, called me with amazing news soon after the inaugural event. His offer of $1000s of dollars in professional bands, equipment, and sound engineering towards Rock for Autism 2 was enough to motivate us to contact City of Port Moody and organize an 8-hour concert event at the most popular ocean-front park in Port Moody - Rocky Point!


Between our Beer Garden, Donations and sales of Luc's CDs, we were able to generate $2000 for Autism BC's Workplace Training programs. Equally important was the tremendous crowd in the park certainly saw and heard our magical performers on stage, and our signage let them know what it was all about. AUTISM AWARENESS!!


Steve, Dirk, Richard, and Luc.JPG

Richard, Luc, Steve and Dirk

Marshall, Luc, Bill and Pam.JPG

Marshall, Luc, Bill and Pam

Haden big finish!.JPG

Haden big Finish!

Lynne and Becs.JPG

Lynne and Becs, SUPERGIRLS!


Black Diamond

Goin Down

Sweet Home Alabama with Haden on drums

Little Bones

 - Rock for Autism 3 - Sept. 2019 - Central City Brew Pub

After 2 years in a row of generating donations of about $2000 for Autism BC's Workplace Training programs, we took our show down to the campus in Surrey. Rock Squad, the newly formed band of Luc on drums, Jacob on guitar, Marshall on rhythm guitar and Sidney on bass, rocked this pub in a big way!

It was a very special event with remarkable performances from the Mayday Club Choir, and choir-member Pepper Anne. Luc gave us an acoustic set along with an inspiring set with his friends Andrew, Brayson, and drumming guru Steve Lindsay.

The dance floor was busy all day, but when Dirk and the Retrosonics hit the stage, it got packed pretty quick!

Thanks to all!!


Luc Andrew Steve and Brayson.jpg

Luc, Andrew, Steve and Brayson

RforA3 Poster.png
Mayday Club Choir.jpg
Rock Squad pic.JPG

Mayday Club Choir

Rock Squad

Event Poster


Two tickets to Paradise
Luc & Friends

Pepper Anne
I Love You

Rock Squad
Hard to Handle

Goin Down
Luc & Friends

 - Rock for Autism 4 - August 2020 - Our Covid-free Venue

With restrictions in place due to Covid-19, we were forced to limit our event to our own backyard!! Determined to have some kind of impact on the community and drive some awareness, we built a stage and invited some players to join Luc in a very loud outdoor Concert for all the folks in North Burnaby!!

Thanks to Mark, Grant, and Andrew for their stellar performance. Very special thanks to Dirk Henke, the bad man on the bad bass. Dirk has supported Luc since his first days on the Open Mic scene, and supported Rock for Autism since it began in 2017. 

Beau and banner.jpg

Luc's brother Beau always a big help

Luc, Dirk, and Andrew.jpg
Mark, Dirk, and Luc.jpg
Covid-free Venue.jpg

Mark, Dirk, and Luc

Luc, Dirk, and Andrew

Covid-Free Venue

Stuck in the middle with you

Gimme 3 Steps

Let me stand next to your fire

Layin' Pipe

 - Rock for Autism 5 - September 5/21 - White Hart Pub

Thank you so much to George Hart and the Hart family for welcoming Rock4Autism last September. It was another amazing, inspiring day of performances from acts that combined the talents and skills of popular professional musicians with those of musicians and singers on the Autistic Spectrum. Ausome performances from RJ, Luc, and the Mayday Club Choir were inspiring and entertaining, and we are so fortunate to welcome on board Shawn Miller, Dean Williams and Jenn Dalgleish Carmichael, along with Patricia Dunphy and John Nelson Diablo, joining long time supporters Chris Dufault, Steve Lindsay, Andrew Mac and Keith MacPherson in guaranteeing great entertainment for all!

Copy of Copy of Music Genre.png
Jenn and Dean with Luc R4A5.jpg
Mayday Club Choir at R4A5.jpg
RJ workin it with Kneel.jpg
John Diablo Nelson and band.JPG


Get Back - Andrew, Steve, Dean and Luc

Patricia Dunphy - Rocks in my pocket

Classic Title

Pleasant Title

 Kneel Jung aka Keith MacPherson - Everybody knows this is Nowhere

Luc and Friends - Down South Jukin

Rock4Autism 6 - June 26/22 at Rocky Point Park



Although we cannot yet supply funders with a tax receipt, each donation is recognized with online marketing on our site, a thank you card and our sincere appreciation of your effort to help us help others.

Larger donations qualify for a FREE CONCERT as well as FREE CDs.

Contact Guy Picard*
Call or text:  604-787-1464



*Guy is the funder of Rock for Autism, with the annual cost under $10,000 (so far....!) if you'd like to help please click contact for a quick response!

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