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Backyard Concert

Come to our yard! Or we can come to yours! Customize your own concert! Mix and match with Luc's amazing versatility.

  • Luc with his acoustic guitar - Classic Rock or Christian

  • Luc with backing tracks - Classic Rock or Christian

  • Luc with a band - Classic Rock

  • Children's Acoustic set - Raffi, Fred Penner and more

  • Children's Christian set - Scripture Rock, Veggie Tales, Church

Luc doing a private party.JPG
Covid-free Venue.jpg

Our very own Covid-free Venue!

Acoustic : 

Another Echo Song


Fire & Rain

Luc with backing tracks: 

Luc with Band : 

Bad Company with Ray & Kevin

'Black Magic' Woman

Christian Concert : 

Christmas Dinner

Only this I want

God who saves

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