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Each day, many adults with autism find themselves isolated with nothing to do. In B.C. there are 45,000 adults living with autism and reports indicate that 60% are unemployed, yet many have the skills and desire to be gainfully employed.


Whilst there are government funded employment programs for adults, often the challenge is around what happens when they complete the program?


  • Are there companies looking to hire individuals with autism?

  • Do hiring processes allow individuals with autism to excel during the interview process?

  • Is there sufficient support in the workplace to ensure they can succeed?

  • Is the culture of the organization inclusive of people with neurodiversity’s?


AutismBC Community and Custom Training helps organizations answer some of these questions, but is currently reliant on companies paying, or donations. Rock for Autism, with our year-round fundraising aims to fund this program so more companies will be able to receive the
training and in the future, consider adults with autism when hiring for positions.


So many opportunities await companies who hire adults with autism so….

"Let's Get to Work"

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