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About Luc


Luc has been involved in music since he was 3 years old, every day an opportunity to explore his passion. He was 3 when diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and has been fortunate to benefit from the support of the Autistic Community, some amazing teachers, the musicians he’s worked with, and his loving family.


“ Luuuuuuc “ is a versatile professional musician who regularly entertains and inspires musicians and fans alike while performing at Open Mic Jams around the Lower Mainland. You never know if he’s going to drum, drum and sing, play guitar and sing, or pick up a bass and get in rhythm with the drummer. He plays keyboards too and is currently recording his third album while building his own backing tracks for future performances.


“I love to give back to Zajac Ranch with free concerts in the summer months”, he said while on our drive out to the Ranch in 2019 – the last summer Zajac was able to operate normally. He loves kids too, and has volunteered to do a guitar circle for Daycares with 3-5 year-olds for many years now. Before Covid, he was employed 2 days a week at Canyon Meadows Montessori. He looks forward to finding a couple of new Daycares to work at in the near future, and seeing you in your community soon!

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